We really care about our clients and pride ourselves on going the extra mile to add value.


Our relationships are built on the expectation that they will last for decades, because our planning horizon is as long as your lifetime financial goals.


Advisors: Left to right: Daryn Form, Dale Berg, Jason Sirman

Support Staff:  Left to right: Karen Porochnavy, Brenda Sheppard, Cheryl Mowat, Marla Sirman, Anita Loehndorf, Patricia Martens

We work hard to offer you a high level of service that is geared to exceed your expectations. Our financial advisors—Daryn Form, Jason Sirman, and Dale Berg —work in an integrated process with our support staff so that someone is always able to help you when you contact us with a question or request.

You can count on us to give frank, practical advice that has your best interests at heart, and to work together with you over the long term to achieve your financial goals.

Our Advisors


Dale Berg, CFP, CLU, Ch.F.C. Senior Financial Advisor

Dale Berg, CFP, CLU, Ch.F.C.
Senior Financial Advisor,
Assante Financial Management Ltd.


Daryn Form, CFP, CIM
Senior Financial Advisor,
Assante Capital Management Ltd.

Jason Sirman, CFP, CIM Senior Financial Advisor, Assante Capital Management

Jason Sirman, CFP, CIM
Senior Financial Advisor,
Assante Capital Management Ltd.


Our Support Staff

Marla Sirman,   Administrative Associate

Marla Sirman,
Administrative Associate

Anita Loehndorf,  Administrative Associate

Anita Loehndorf, Administrative Associate

Patricia   Martens,  Administrative Associate

Patricia Martens,
Administrative Associate

Karen Porochnavy , Administrative Associate

Karen Porochnavy,
Administrative Associate

Brenda Sheppard,  Receptionist

Brenda Sheppard,

Cheryl Mowat , Administrative Associate, Insurance

Cheryl Mowat,
Administrative Associate, Insurance


Daryn Form

Senior Financial Advisor,
Assante Capital Management Ltd.

Daryn Form, Senior Financial Advisor

Daryn Form, CFP, CIM earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Saskatchewan and, after a stint in the Canadian Armed Forces, settled into a career in financial services where he has built a successful business over 20 years. In 1999, he earned the Certified Financial Planner™ professional credential, an internationally recognized designation of excellence in the financial field. In 2011, he earned the Canadian Investment Manager (CIM™) offered by the Canadian Securities Institute; this professional designation is required to be licensed as a discretionary portfolio manager in Canada.

Daryn’s scientific, process-driven approach to investing—along with his breadth of experience and knowledge in wealth management and advanced financial planning—are key factors in helping his clients achieve their financial goals. To further help his clients make smart decisions about their money, he has been involved in the development and implementation of investment strategies built for high net worth families through one of the world's leading private money managers. Please read about our investment philosophy.

"I love my work and the opportunity it gives me to help so many wonderful people by making their hard-earned money work for them. I was born and raised in small town Saskatchewan, and I have small town values at heart. I really identify with that old saying, “The quality of your life is based on the quality of your relationships.” The relationships I have at home, with my co-workers, and with the clients I serve are what really keeps my motor running."

Click here to read a brief interview with Daryn.

Jason Sirman

Senior Financial Advisor,
Assante Capital Management Ltd

Jason Sirman, Senior Financial Advisor

Saskatoon born and bred, Jason Sirman has been in the financial services business for over 20 years. After completing his B. Ed from the University of Saskatchewan, in 1999 he obtained his Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation, an internationally recognized designation of excellence in the financial profession.  In 2011, he earned the Canadian Investment Manager (CIM™) offered by the Canadian Securities Institute; this professional designation is required to be licensed as a discretionary portfolio manager in Canada.

True to the objective of this Assante team, Jason focuses his professional attention on helping people make smart decisions about their money. His expertise, experience and desire to help people are keys that help uncover what really matters to his clients. Once that is clearly understood, he can then formulate a plan to help them achieve their goals and aspirations.

"One year, we gave a book to our clients called 'The Dash' . . . the 'dash' being representative of your life.  I want my dash to make a difference in the lives of my family, friends and clients.  Over the years, the more time I have spent with my clients, the deeper our relationships have become . . . and the more I become personally invested in not just their financial lives but their lives in general.  Because of this, I have a strong desire to see each of my clients achieve what is important to them in their lives."

Click here to read a brief interview with Jason.

Dale Berg,

Senior Financial Advisor.
Assante Financial Management Ltd.

Dale Berg, Senior Financial Advisor

Immediately after his graduation from college in 1985, where he majored in business adminstration, Dale Berg entered the financial services industry.  Over the years he earned certification as a Chartered Life Underwriter, Certified Financial Planner, and a Chartered Financial Consultant.

"I believe a client-advisor relationship is built on trust. Trust must be earned over time through a dedicated client centered vision of financial success and security. Providing quality advice and information in a timely fashion that is pertinent to the client's personal situation will enhance the client's experience and create a solid foundation of client confidence which in turn will build into trust."

Click here to read a brief interview with Dale.


Every year our firm donates funds to a charity that we believe is changing lives and making a difference. The donation is a regular gesture.


Our commitment to our global community stems from our belief that we have been blessed with a successful business and a responsibility to share that success.  Recognizing that we have had an opportunity to help families make smart decisions about their money, we also expect the same from ourselves.

It is our aim to give back a portion of our profits on an annual basis. We believe that our gifting is an investment in the financial betterment of those who are less fortunate financially.

Christmas 2017: Hands at Work Africa

Christmas is a time of year where we have the opportunity to slow down and think of family and friends. We recognize the many blessings that we have. Our team has made an ongoing commitment to give back to our community both locally and internationally as a way to say thank you to our clients.  In 2016 we were very happy to be involved with the Saskatoon city Hospital foundation. In 2017, we have had the opportunity to meet people in Saskatoon involved in an international organization: Hands at Work Africa.

In 2005 an influential South African foundation predicted that Hands at Work, then caring for 9000 orphaned and vulnerable children, would be one of the three largest South African aid and development organisations by 2010. An honour? Comparing the 9000 being reached to the 14 million children already orphaned in Sub-Saharan Africa, it was a wake-up call: more must be done.

Thus the vision was born of caring for 100,000 children.

Hands at Work is striving to reach the most vulnerable, those that would not have been reached otherwise. Without access to food, education and basic health care, children are left extremely vulnerable. Therefore in accordance with international standards of child care, Hands at Work does not say it “cares” for a child until we are able to provide access to these three things.

We have committed $10,000 as a gift to Hands at Work on behalf of the many thanks that we have for our clients continued commitment to the work we do on their behalf.

Supporting our community at home

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Saskatoon City Hospital Foundation

In 2016 we once again made a significant donation to the Saskatoon City Hospital Foundation, which is doing such terrific work in our community. We wanted to provide our support.

You can learn more about the work they are doing at this link:  Saskatoon City Hospital Foundation


Our Global Community


Some of the global projects that we are particularly involved with are:

The Philippines Clean Water Project:

Water Ambassadors Canada has teamed up with Louisville, Kentucky based WaterStep to send emergency chlorination systems. Their WaterStep M-100 chlorinator is an award winning unit capable of producing enough water for thousands of people daily. About the size of a football and using only a 12 volt battery and a handful of table salt, it can clean up to 40,000 litres of water per day.  A full system, costing $3,600, consists of a chlorinator, plumbing, solar panel, hand pump, re-usable pre-filter and 500 gallon bladder tank. This same technology was used very effectively in Haiti.

We purchased two systems for the Philippines.

Visit www.waterambassadorscanada.org for more information.

Honduras Clean Water Project

We were involved in a project with Living Water International Canada to dig a small capacity well outside a village in Honduras. Our financial support provided a portion of the funding to construct a well that produced clean water for an entire village.

Every 15 seconds a child dies because of the lack of clean water. Each year 1.8 million children die from problems that could have been prevented with access to clean water. 1 out of 5 people worldwide are without access to safe drinking water and half of the world's population lacks adequate water purification systems. Through Living Water International Canada and your support of our business we can make a real difference in the lives of families in need.

Visit www.waterambassadorscanada.org for more information.

Ghana Clean Water Project

In Ghana the availability of clean water is incredibly limited. Residents of the local rural communities often walk several miles each day only to bring back dirty, parasite-infested, and dangerous water to give to their families. This lack of clean water for personal hygiene and drinking has a devastating effect on many communities.

It is estimated that 25,000 children die every day from preventable diseases. Access to clean water is a major variable in helping to reduce that number. We have teamed up with a group of local business owners to provide a tractor with a drilling attachment and a contingency fund that will stay in Ghana to be operated by the locals to potentially drill over 200 wells.
We see this not as an end in itself but one step in the process aimed at transformational change in the entire country.

Visit www.waterambassadorscanada.org for more information.

Zambia Hammer Mill Project

In Mulenga, Zambia, there is extreme poverty. We have had contact with an organization called Hands at Work, Africa which works in the most vulnerable areas of Africa. In the African village of Mulenga, the residents are required to travel over two kilometers to take their corn to have it ground so that it is edible.

The volunteers there wanted to purchase a hammer mill to grind maize meal. We, along with four other local business people provided the funds necessary to purchase the hammer mill. The mill was able to benefit the local community because pre-ground meal is more expensive and profits from the hammer mill provided support to the volunteers of Breakthrough Care Group who provide loving, parental home visits to the most vulnerable children in Mulenga.

We chose this project because it provided for the nourishment of the local residents and an economic engine for future capital needs that can someday contribute to improving the community as a whole!

Visit www.handsatwork.org for more information.

Mulenga, Zambia, Hands at Work

In 2015 we donated to an organization called Hands at Work in Mulenga, Zambia.  Mulenga is a slum community in northern Zambia which was recently devastated by the AIDS crisis and now bears the burden of the many orphaned children who are being left behind in the wake of the death of their parents. These children have no way to attend school or access the most basic healthcare, and they often struggle to get even a plate of food each day. Hands at Work has mobilized the local Mulenga community and drawn them together to take responsibility for these children, to stand in as mothers and fathers to children who have none. They have identified the 200 most vulnerable Mulenga children, launched a school to provide primary education to those kids and, most importantly, take parental responsibility — ensuring they get both the medical care they need and enough nutritious food each day. 

Visit handsatwork.org for more information.


We wish to offer our sincerest thanks to all of you who help to make our support of these projects possible through your work with our advisors.