Interview Excerpts

Jason Sirman, Senior Financial Advisor

Jason Sirman,
Senior Financial Advisor

What are you particularly good at in your work?

I think I have the ability to take a complex topic and break it down into simpler elements, so that it is more easily understood. This simplification process also makes it more clear what has to be done and in what order.  I also place great value on being straight and honest with my clients.

What aspect of your life do you enjoy the most?

I feel tremendously well rewarded when I’m part of a planning process that helps a client achieve a goal they have set.

What do your clients say they appreciate most about you?

Well, they say that they appreciate that I tell them what they need to hear, even though it may not always be what they want to hear. They also say that they hire our team because of our competency and attention to detail, as well as our ability to provide a consistent experience.

Tell us a little about your personal life.

I’ve been blessed with a beautiful family: my wife Marla of 22 years, daughter Katelyn (18) and son Carter (15). I really enjoy spending time with my family . . .whether it is coaching, watching

their games, or just hanging out at home or at the lake. Now that our kids are older, Marla works in the business with me, and I’m pleased to say we work very well together, both at home and at work!

You have a strong desire to help people in other ways, apart from your professional work.

We are called to help those in need. My family and I are committed to helping those who are less fortunate in our community as well as around the world by offering time and financial resources. This has been very rewarding as we have been blessed to see lives changed because of the work that has been done. I’ve also had the privilege of serving in various organizations in Saskatoon as a board member and group facilitator.