"It's not just about accumulating wealth. It's about what financial security can do for you and your family."



"Our entire team at Assante First Avenue is guided by two core principles:  we put your needs first; and we dedicate our efforts to saving you time and worry so that you can enjoy the benefits of your wealth."

Meet our team in this 2.5 minute video. From left, Dale Berg, Daryn Form, and Jason Sirman.

We combine a straightforward, evidence-based approach to investing combined with a meticulously integrated wealth planning process and superb reporting. You'll always know where you are in relation to your financial goals.

"Our role is to consider your financial situation from a number of perspectives in order to offer sound, pragmatic advice."

Once we have dealt with any issues requiring immediate attention and have a clear understanding of your priorities over the longer term, we work with you to build and implement a comprehensive wealth management plan using the following process:

  • Establish expectations and gather data
  • Analyze data and draft your wealth plan
  • Discuss the draft wealth plan with you, make modifications as necessary, and review action items with you and your advisors
  • Identify, prioritize and implement strategies
  • Monitor process and conduct periodic reviews

Over time, as we build a comprehensive plan based on your priorities and expressed interest, we will raise various wealth planning issues and make our recommendations to you during our regular progress meetings. Such issues may include:

  • Financial Independence: Do we have enough?
  • Risk Management: What are my insurance needs?
  • Tax / Financial Strategies: What tax opportunities are available to us?
  • Charitable Strategies: How can we optimize our charitable giving?
  • Wealth Transfer: What is the best way to pass on our wealth?



"Ours is a low-key, patient approach that helps minimize portfolio volatility, keeps our costs low, and minimizes tax repercussions due to excessive trading activity."

Please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your individual wealth management needs.

Please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your individual wealth management needs.


An overview of our process:

  • Identify your objectives and tolerance for portfolio volatility, both in terms of your financial situation and your temperament
  • Select the proportions of your portfolio to be held in stocks, bonds and real estate
  • Identify geographic allocations for stocks (Canada, USA, International or Emerging Markets)
  • Identify allocations from stock asset classes (big stocks/small stocks, value stocks/growth stocks)
  • Identify fixed income (bond) structure (short-term low volatility/investment grade)
  • Allocation for efficient tax treatment
  • Regular review and rebalancing

Disclaimer: Advice on stocks and certain types of bonds can be provided only by Assante Capital Management Ltd. advisors.



We believe that investing should be a straightforward, transparent process that is based on the best empirical evidence available.

Although markets are unpredictable, scientific research has identified the sources of long-term returns. Applying this knowledge over two decades, we have learned to efficiently capture these returns without taking unnecessary risks.

Our investing goal is threefold:

  • Preserve your capital

  • Minimize your taxes

  • Grow your wealth prudently over the long term

Why our investment approach works

Our offices at 261 1st Ave North, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Our offices at 261 1st Ave North, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Long-term evidence proves that attempting to pick winning stocks or ‘time the market’ (getting in or out of the market based on forecasts or hunches) gives poor investment results over an investor’s lifetime. These speculative approaches also subject an investor to a great deal of emotional turmoil, which is the opposite of what we are trying to achieve for our clients.

We use a disciplined, transparent and patient trading process based on rigorous academic research which keeps our costs low and does not erode our clients’ portfolios with undue trading costs and increased tax consequences.

Markets go up and down, but we focus on the things scientific research shows us we can control. Our low-key approach helps minimize volatility in our clients’ portfolios and in their emotional lives. Over time, this approach helps them achieve their financial goals without losing sleep at night.

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