Interview Excerpts

Daryn Form, Senior Financial Advisor

Daryn Form,
Senior Financial Advisor

What are you particularly good at in your work?

I think I have a knack of looking at big problems and finding ways to break them down into manageable chunks for which we can find solutions. I really care about the people I work with and have developed close relationships with many of them. It’s important to me that they see the value to them in what I bring to the table on behalf of my team. After 20 years in this business I am pretty proud of the depth of knowledge we can harness to help our clients make smart decisions about their money.

What aspects of your work do you enjoy the most?

I love being useful to my clients: helping, serving . . . solving problems. I get really excited when the people we work with really engage with us and, together, we roll up our sleeves to find solutions. I think most of my clients would say I’m pretty passionate about what we do here.

Why do your clients hire you?

A client once remarked that there are other people in the financial business that he trusted. But that he was comfortable working with us because we were able to pair a high level of ability to execute with a high level of trust. He did not have the same confidence in the ability of his other contacts. We are very serious about money management and financial planning, and we accept nothing but the absolute best from ourselves and for our clients. We are continuously pushing ourselves to improve: to improve our processes, our strategies, our knowledge, our team and our relationships.

You’ve ‘given back’ in some pretty interesting ways

Yes, Jason Sirman and I were very moved by the plight of families in the developing world who don’t have safe drinking water. It’s something so basic to life, and a problem that’s often really quite easily solved. So we got involved in some water projects, and also one to build a mill to grind corn. We’ve made a commitment to give about 10% of our profits on an annual basis. [You can read more about these projects at this link.]

Tell us a little about your personal life.

I’m blessed with a great family . . . my wonderful wife of 21 years, Nicole, and two sons Noah (18) and James (16). My boys are my best buddies and I love spending time with them . . . whether as a coach at hockey practice, having fun in the backyard, or just hanging out watching TSN or a movie together.